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Welcome to Embody! A curated wellness platform for all bodies at all ages and walks of life. Experience our fresh approach to fitness and wellness focused on inclusivity and accessibility. Why? Because you deserve to exercise with your body and not against it. Our programming blends the best of pilates, barre, yoga, functional fitness, and dance with an emphasis on sustainability and longevity. We do this by teaching you how to move. Learn proper body mechanics and connect to your body like never before. Experience fitness that is accessible, educational, and effective!


Learn to love exercise and yourself with Embody!

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The Embody Experience 

Finally, at home workouts that truly MOVE you. Danielle's style of instruction is like nothing you've experienced before. You'll feel her in the room with you guiding you helping you make the choices that are best for YOUR  body. You'll gain strength, flexibility, fluidity, and balance through Danielle's unique training style that blends pilates, barre, yoga, and dance.


Holistic and Invigorating

Classes that move you in new and exciting ways. Experience training from a professional dancer that's accessible, easy to follow and creates a sense of power, ease and grace in the body.


Classes for All Ages and Levels

From beginner to advanced, ALL are welcome in Embody. Build a solid movement foundation and progress at your own pace. Feel nurtured and empowered to adjust exercises  for your unique body. 


A full-service community experience

Prioritizing our health and wellness can often feel isolating. With Danielle as your guide, experience community free of judgement, pressure or exclusivity. Learn and be part of the conversation in the Embody Forums.

Our goal with this platform is to help you foster a truly healthy and sustainable relationship with exercise and wellness. Learn to feel "at home" and in tune with your body + mind + spirit. We use exercise to help us feel and function our best on

and off the mat.

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