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How I stay consistent and connected to my workouts

Hello from Danielle! Today we’re going to talk about a simple and incredibly effective tool to help you stay consistent and connected to your fitness routine.

One of my favorite ways to foster a deeper and more meaningful connection to exercise is journaling. It only takes a few minutes each day helps me plan and stay consistent with my training.

Step One - get a blank journal (or go digital with a word document or note on your phone)

Step Two - write in your days of the week. (Please make sure you include a day of rest in which you don’t do a video OR choose a recovery workout like Barre Stretch). Leave 5-7 lines in between each day of the week so you have space to fill in.

Step Three - choose your classes. Take a few minutes to peruse the different class options under Featured, Live, Bonus, Barre, Pilates, and Yoga. Choose a variety of workouts that you feel drawn to!


Monday - Updated Barre Strong

Tuesday - Level 2 Mat Pilates

Wednesday - Barre Cardio + Mobility 7-12-22

Thursday - Updated Barre Strong

Friday - August Yoga 3

Saturday - Level 2 Mat Pilates

Sunday - Barre Stretch + Mobility

Stick to this weekly plan as your core routine for a full month (4 weeks) so you can really hone in and improve upon the exercises and movements in each video. Feel free to switch out a video or two each week - keep your favorites as something to look forward to!

Step Three - each day before you start class - jot down a sentence or two on how you’re feeling pre-workout and why you’re choosing to exercise today.

Example 1 - I’m feeling low energy and stiff in my body. I’m exercising to relive the stiffness and wake up for a great day.

Example 2 - I’m feeling good in my body. I’m exercising to feel strong and energized and enjoy moving.

Example 3 - I’m feeling off and disconnected from my body. I’m exercising to reconnect to my body.

This simple practice has some serious power over our mindset and relationship with exercise. Our mindset and connection to our fitness is what creates healthy and long-lasting routines. Be honest and open about how you’re feeling before and what you’re hoping to feel after. Whether it's less tension, less stress, more energy, or simply a sense of connection, the more authentic and honest your answers are (there’s no wrong answer!), the more effective your journaling practice will be.

Step Four - after your workout - jot down how you feel, a move or technique that you enjoyed, and a move or technique you want to work on the next time you take this class.

Example 1 - I feel calm and centered in my body. I felt really good about my squats and leg lifts. I want to relax my shoulders more next time.

Example 2 - I feel sweaty and energized! I loved the oblique exercise and felt strong. I want to focus on keeping my pelvis in neutral during abs next time.

Example 3 - That was tough for me to get through. I’m proud of myself for taking breaks and focusing on my form. I want to improve my stamina by counting to work on this routine.

Things to remember - this practice is for YOU. If it feels like a burden or if after a month you don’t feel connected to journaling, no sweat! You can also just do the video planning portion of the journal. The key is planning, routine and connection. Try for yourself and head overs to forums to share your thoughts on keeping a fitness journal.

Looking for a custom weekly routine tailored to your needs and goals? Comment below and I (Danielle) will send you a curated video selection!

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